Selecting the Best Metal Roof Product For Your Home


Manufacturers have produced many varieties of designs in metal roof products. The colors and styles are so numerous that everyone should have an easy time picking the perfect look for their home. Review the advice in the rest of this article so you will be assured of picking out the most pleasing metal roofing material for your house.

Style and Color of Metal Roof Product Considerations

A metal roof product comes in a wide assortment of styles. The outside of your home will determine the style and color you will choose. If the exterior of your home has an old fashion style with neutral colors, an old fashion style metal roof product should be used. You need to match the style of the exterior of your home or else it will look odd and out of place with the wrong metal roof product installed.

Pricing of Metal Roof Products

You probably can find a metal roofing product that can fit your budget since there is a wide range of prices. Some materials such as corrugated metal roofing are more money because of the manufacturing process. Set your budget before you shop for a metal roof product so you will not overspend.

Selecting the Exact Roofing Material that Fits Your Home

Since tin roofing material is mainly used in factories, warehouses, and stores, it does not mean that it cannot be used on a home. Typically tin roofing materials are installed on commercial buildings such as factories and stores. Even though this may be the norm, it can be installed on homes. Although there are problems using tin roofing material on your home such as:

  •  High Cost of Insulation
  •  Costly Sound Proofing


If you don’t quite like the tin roofing material you could also use roof shingles, they are not as expensive as clay tiles, but they have their problems too as they cannot be put onto flat roofs. Even though a roof is classified, as flat it isn’t really, it has to have a gradient of at least five degrees for the rain to run off towards the outside boundaries of the house.

Tin roofing material has to be painted regularly and or maintained, checked for leaks as the material is not as hard-wearing as clay tiles. It would also be more expensive to replace a whole sheet of tin roofing material than it would be having to replace one clay tile, unfortunately, if you can afford to have the trusses plans changed and done to be able to put clay tiles on do so. The best part about having clay tiles on your roof is that it dramatically increases the value of your home too if you ever wish to sell.

The Council Has a Say

Whatever choice of material you chose, will have to be decided on before the plans are submitted. The council will be able to tell you also if you are allowed to use roofing material in your area or if all have to be hidden out of eyesight from the road. Since the council does play an important role in the choice of roofing, but there are ways to get around things at times, if your budget is limited.

Before you renovate your home, you should keep in mind the type of roof on your home. For example, if your home is installed with tin material and you want to use clay, you will most likely get new trusses that can handle the extra weight. If your renovation includes adding on additional rooms, you need to find out if you have enough carrier beams to support the trusses.